August 26, 2012


Hey everyone! How is it?  Good I hope!

Well today I have yet another Cutex polish here for ya! This is Santorini, Its a pretty baby blue with pink shift. Ooh how I love thee!

The pink shift is pretty subtle, but when you see it with your own eye balls. its there, but like I said its subtle. I have done some layering with this just to see how it looks. Lets have a look see. ;)

I have done ring and pinkie with Santorini all by its self. They were 3 coats. These are in shade I forgot to get sun pics. oops.

Pointer and Middle are 2 different bases
Pointer is Wet N Wild Black Cream (my fave black ever)
Middle is Mars from a previous post I did here. If you haven't seen it yet.. do check it out. ;)

Over Wet N Wild Black Cream In shade
In shade

Wet N Wild Black Cream In sun
 It seems I have forgotten to take a pic of  Santorini over Mars all by its self. :/ oops.. (i'm just full of mistakes) lol But you can see it in these pics here.

Bottle shots.... OOoh pretty pink shift!

pretty shimmer!
Pretty pink shift in shade
Pretty pink shift in partial sun

I have no idea how or where that dent came from. :/  But this is all in full sun. :)

That is all for today. I hope you liked it! Thanks for looking! :D

August 22, 2012


Hello! How are you? Alrighty here. ;)

So today I have Another Cutex polish. It is pink, and it is Wednesday. How that happen? lol  Meet Calypso. She's pretty, she has blue shimmer.  I have 3 coats on here, no top coat. There are lots of this color by other brands, and really can you not blame them? I mean its such a hot color. Right? I think its great for summer and spring. Oh hell wear it all year long if you want. Its to pretty to be ignored. Am I rite? or Am I rite? ;)

Anywhooo as I'm not feeling too well today I'm just gonna leave the pics to do the rest of the talking. Also sorry for the lack of clean up. :( 




Hope you like it! thanks for coming by. ;)

August 17, 2012


Well hello there! How is everyone? I'm good.

I have another Cutex polish for you today. :) This one is called Mars. Now when you think Mars you think red, or orangey like colors. Well not this one. This is light baby blue. I like this one a lot. But the name is just wrong..  lol

Anyway, this polish is so much better looking in the sun with your own eyeballs. The pics don't do it justice. Ooh the pretty sparkles in this polish. It looks like your typical color then you go out in the sun and look closely and its like whoa sparkles! Its like they are a secret or something.

Ya wanna see pics? well ok stop twisting my arm all ready... ;)


Can you see the sparkles? isn't it pretty? 

Blurry to see sparkles
I hope ya liked! Stay tuned more is coming. :) Thanks for coming by! :)

August 15, 2012


Hey, How are you all? Well I'm alright, other than being hot. I'm so ready for fall now, that is my fave time of the year.  I love the cool air, the changing colors of leaves, bonfires. S'mores anyone? ;) Anyway my point is I just want summer to GTFO! ;) haha

So I have here is another Cutex.. are you sick of these yet? No? Good cause there is more. :) So this is called Crocodile. I like this color. Its an olive green with gold in it. I would say this is frosty. There were no brush strokes. This is 3 coats, with top coat. I wish I had so sun pics, but that day was a little over cast. :( As you can see there is gold shimmer in there. :) Its really pretty when the sun hits it.

Oh there is bubbles on my nails. *sighs* Why? Thats not the polish its self, thats from me, user error. :/ I was trying to hurry to get it done while the sun was out, but the stupid sun went away anyway. :( so I give you this pretty olive green for you to stare at. ;) Sun pics or not, here it is.

Lets look at the pics.

Well thanks for coming by! Hope you enjoyed it. :) Stay tuned more is coming.

August 12, 2012


Hello! How is everyone? Did you watch the sky? I couldn't it is cloudy here. :( I'm very sad about this. :( Oh well, I'll live. haha

So I have here is another Cutex polish named Geranium. Now I PROMISE you this is orange. It looks more coraly red in the pics, I don't know why. :/ Its a shame cause its pretty.
Anywho, This is 2 coats, thats it! It dries fast. I do have top coat on pointer and ring nails. As you can see you don't need top coat to make it shiny. :) Its shiny all by its self. :)
It has this pretty green shimmer in there... at least I think its green.... maybe its gold... maybe a goldish green? Is that even a color? Probly not, still looks that way to me.  LOL
I really like this polish. I'm surprised how much I like this polish I plan on wearing this as a mani. and put it on my toes. Its just too pretty not too.  *swoon*

Lets look at the picks shall we. ;)

Click me to see teh shimmah

Well I hope you liked them all. Thanks for coming by and reading my post. :)

August 8, 2012


Hey girls and guys! How is it?

Me? Oh just writing this up and listening to some music, Sirenia that is.  :)

 As you can see I'm all nubby. :( I had broken a nail then another. :( So I'll be rockin' the nubs for now.  So I got here today a really pretty brown polish buy Cutex called Desert. I found these at a store called World Of Values its basically like a dollar store. Anyway I got this in a bundle 20 for $10. Not bad I say.  I'm working on all of the swatches for these. There was only 18 instead of 20, but for $10 bucks I wasn't going to complain. haha

I'm not a crazy brown fan. I do like some browns. ;) Some of the browns in this collection I have look poopy on me, yes I said poopy.  Some of the colors look poopy. lol
Anyway.... moving on with this pretty brown called Desert.  Its a bit frosty,  but that don't bug me at all. I did not put top coat on, its pretty shiny all by its self. :) Dries pretty quick. This is 3 coats.

I do not know where you can get these. I do not know when these came out.
So lets look at the pretty pics. ;)

August 4, 2012

I'm all Purplexed

Well hello!! :)

I have done some minor things on here as of late, as you can see you can now follow me through Email, don't know why I never did that in the first place.... I have a contact page where you can reach me. I've also re added my blog roll. I hope everything is fixed with that, so far no problems. :)

I had a whole other post I wanted to do, but I have to redo the polishes. :/ They just look horrid. Like really bad. But fear not I have here for you is an awesome polish. I had been looking for this pretty for a while. Then one day out shopping at walmart I spotted this polish, and it came home with me. :D I love this polish. Next to holos, duochromes of any kind are my faves! Then glitters! :D

Please excuse the tip wear on this this is an old NOTD. ;)  I wore this a couple  of days before taking the pic. Just look at the purdy colors! :D This is Cover Girl Purplexed
Its got greenish, goldish, coppery, pinkish,and purpleish colors. I love it! I tried to capture all the colors as best as I could. :) I hope you like!
I do not remember how many coats this was, I'd have to guess and say at least 4 coats.

I shall wear this pretty again. :)
Lets look at the pics shall we. ;)

Thanks for coming by! :)