August 4, 2012

I'm all Purplexed

Well hello!! :)

I have done some minor things on here as of late, as you can see you can now follow me through Email, don't know why I never did that in the first place.... I have a contact page where you can reach me. I've also re added my blog roll. I hope everything is fixed with that, so far no problems. :)

I had a whole other post I wanted to do, but I have to redo the polishes. :/ They just look horrid. Like really bad. But fear not I have here for you is an awesome polish. I had been looking for this pretty for a while. Then one day out shopping at walmart I spotted this polish, and it came home with me. :D I love this polish. Next to holos, duochromes of any kind are my faves! Then glitters! :D

Please excuse the tip wear on this this is an old NOTD. ;)  I wore this a couple  of days before taking the pic. Just look at the purdy colors! :D This is Cover Girl Purplexed
Its got greenish, goldish, coppery, pinkish,and purpleish colors. I love it! I tried to capture all the colors as best as I could. :) I hope you like!
I do not remember how many coats this was, I'd have to guess and say at least 4 coats.

I shall wear this pretty again. :)
Lets look at the pics shall we. ;)

Thanks for coming by! :)


  1. An oldy but a goody! I love the old duochromes, it looks great on you!

    1. Thats what I wanted to say.... "An oldy but a goody". Could not think. lol
      I do too, I love them.
      Thank you doll! ;)

  2. I love oldies but goodies sooo pretty! :D

  3. This is so gorgeous!! I sold this in my last blog sale, totally kicking myself right now for that!!

    1. Thank you!! Oh you silly!! This is why I never do polish/blog sales. Cause I know I'll be kicking myself. And I have no back ups of anything. Nope, don't see the point. haha. Well actually I do have 2 back ups of 2 different polishes. ;)