July 8, 2012

Hard Candy

Hey there! How is everyone? Melting? I hope not. This weather needs to die off, better yet death to summer!! Ahem... sorry. I'll get right on with the program that you are here for. THE PRETTY THINGS! :D

Ahem.. again sorry. ;p

Anyway this is from the vault. I wore this weeks ago. This is Hard Candy mini's from last Christmas. These were available at Walmart for a $1.00 well the blue one was. The silver glitter was in what I believe was a 5 pack for like $5.00 but I got the set for like $2.00 on clearance  They have no names. :( I really hate that. They deserve names. I'm thinking of  naming the blue one Blue Ballz, just cause.. LOL.

I really should have used more than 2 coats of Blue Ballz I don't know what I was thinking. Its such a pretty color that I need to wear it again to do the color justice. 
The silver glitter is what I though to be at first just regular glitter, till I put it on my computer all blown up and realized it was HEX glitter also.  :) So that was a surprise to me. Anyway the silver is 2 coats. I'm naming that one Silver Bells. That's all for now. Thanks for looking. 

Do you like the way I normally do the pic size or do you like it this size? Let me know. :)

Lets look at the licks shall we. :)


  1. I am liking these. So pretty. I tried to find these at Wally World last year but they were sold out. :P

    Do the pic size you like. :D

  2. Aww you should have told me I'd of gotten you some. :)Thanks! :) I think I'm gonna do this size. :D

  3. Gorgeous combo, doll! Love it!