July 4, 2012

4th of July nails

Happy 4th!!

Its been awhile huh? :)
I have a little more time these days just some days. ha. I know I probably sound like a broken record I'll try to post more. ;) I do have ideas to do here, I even have some pics saved on my computer for your eyeballs to see. :)
Anyway on to the pretties.

The base color is Maybelline Denim Dash. Its such a pretty blue, I love it. This is 2 coats. Yep 2 coats, that's all That's good in my book. I should have took a pic of it all by its self, but I forgot to do that. I'll have to try to remember to do that at a later time.

I have a pretty glitter on top LA Girl Glitter Addict Celebrate. Its got blue, red, silver, and pink glitter. :D I think there is even little gold glitter in thar. Unless my eyeball are deceiving me... lol. This is more of a top coat glitter, I'm sure if you have patience (unlike me) maybe 5 coats will be opaque? maybe.... haha

Ring finger is accent nail this is Wet n Wild Stars and Stripes. I could not find this anywhere and I wanted it so much, so a dear friend sent it to me. :) Thank you!! *squishies*
Now this was a bitch to get out, lol I had to fish them out. haha I was going to put them on all my nails. But I decided against it. lol  I do love this though. It is holo, sadly I could not get it on the pics. :( you'll see the holo in the bottle shot. Its not great, but I tried.

Well that's it for now. :)  Hope everyone has a great 4th of July. :D

See all the pretty glittry colors. Blurry for a reason. ;)

Different angle :)

Can you see the holo stars. I forgot to mention there is baby holo bar glitter  in it as well. (as what I call hair glitter) LOL


  1. This is perfect for July 4th! So festive. I love the holo in those stars. I really want that WnW nail polish now!

    1. Thank you!! :) I like it, though I was picturing a little different, but I like the way how it came out. Hah you should try to find it. If I ever do, wich I never seem to find LE WnW here anymore. :( I'll grab one for you. ;)

  2. Love your manicure! Happy 4th of July to you! This look is so festive and fun. I really like how you layered the glitter and the stars.

    1. Thank you! I do too. I originally wanted to do stars on my ring finger by its self with the blue,but I messed up. so I just went ahead and put the stars on over top anyway. haha