October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

I don't have much of a post for you right now. But I'll get one up for you later tonight. But for now enjoy this. One of my faves Halloween movies and songs ever I'll give you 2 versions of the song. ;)

Happy Halloween!

The original

And the Marilyn Manson version

October 27, 2012

Zombie Zest

Hey! How are ya? Good I hope!

Well I have for you today is my alllllllllll time favorite polish ever!! Yep its China Glaze Zombie Zest! I love love love this polish.  This is from 2010 Awakening collection.

This polish is ugly awesome just the way I like it. :D It is green and  it is swampy and murky like, I lurve it! It is yellow based with a little bit of blue in it. It has iridescent glass fleck to it. I love it! In certain lighting  and certain angles you can see the blue in the glass flecks, and its so so pretty, its kinda like a teal color.

I can't stop looking at it ITS SO FREAKING AWESOME! I so wish I had a back up bottle of this. I'm just gonna shut up and spam the hell outta with awesome pics....

Please remember my cuticles and hands are dry, sorry for the icky. :(

Also CLICK TO MAKE BIGGER! :D you'll want to. ;)

I swear its not that yellow........ haha

Look at the blue!!

Did I spam you enough? :D haha Hope you enjoyed it. I do have 3 more polishes to show you but 2 of them is going to be in one post. ;) I'll be showing my very last Halloween post on the 30th. ;)
Thanks for reading and looking. ;)

Mummy May I

Hai!!! How is everyone? Ready for Halloween yet? I know I am. :) sorta.. lol

Anyway I have here today is China Glaze Mummy May I from the 2020 Awakeing collection. :) Did I tell you how much I love this collection? :) Heehee!  This is pretty purple glitter in a darken purple base. I love love love this! I can't wait to show you the pics! :D

This is 3 coats topped with SV top coat.  It does not dry shiny, it dries matte. :( But thats ok thats what top coat is for right? :D  I'm just gonna show you the pics so you can just drool all ready.. lol
Please mind my dry cuticles and dry hands. :(

Remember to click to make big. ;)

Love it or what? I know I do! :D Thanks for looking. :)

October 25, 2012

So Spooked

Hi, how are you? Good I hope!

So I have for you today is an oldie but a goodie (to me anyway) lol. This is Jordanna Spooked, I think this came out in 2009 or 2010. This was along with Jordanna Wicked I showed you earlier.

Spooked is a gorgeous red glitter in a black base. I love red and black together. :D This is my kinda polish. I wish I had China Glaze Lubu Heels to compare, but sadly I don't. :(  Its so pretty when the sun hits it. :D I cant stop staring at it.  This is 2 coats with Seche vite top coat.

I do have a booboo on my middle finger. :( sorry for the icky. :(  I have a few more to show you but those will come in the next few days. :) staaaaay tuned...

Now pics time.... Remember you can click pics to make them bigger. :)

I love how this came out.

Told ya it was pretty awesome didn't I? ;)
Thanks for looking! :)


Hey there! :D I have here is China Glaze ICK-A-BOD-Y from China Glaze Awakening Halloween Collection in 2010. I do have all 3 of them. :D how could I not? haha.

This is a gorgeous orange glitter in what looks like a murky/swampy green base and I love it! I'd have to say this is probably my fave orange glitter polish ever! Lets face it I love this collection. lol. I will show you the other two soon enough. ;) I wore this for two days I got so many compliments.  This is 3 coats with Seche Vite top coat. I'm just gonna show you the pics now.

Look, look, LOOOK!

Can you see the murky/swampy green?

Blurry for sparkles

Thanks for looking! :D

October 24, 2012

Its Black Magic!!!

Hey, how are you? Good I hope. :)

I know October is almost over and I have a few more polishes to show you, even though me being still sick I'm trying to get them all done. I was hoping to have some of the China Glaze wicked polishes but I haven't  gone to sally's yet. I know I know... lol I will be after this weekend, either Monday or Tuesday. :D Alrighty moving on...

So I have here is one of my other fave bottle shape polishes, tombstone. This is Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild  Black Magic. This came out in 2011, this has silver and orange glitter in a black base.

This is 2 coats. Its pretty, but its so subtle to me.  To me the glitter gets lost, specially in just a lit room it just looks like a black polish. When its in the sun you can see it better. :)  The dry time was kinda long for me. I didn't bother putting top coat on as I was going to take it right off after I got back from eating dinner.  (and it was yummy)  I'd wear this again. I love it when the sun hits it. It makes it so much more prettier, so much more worth it. besides I love black polishes. :)

Ok, Now time for pics. :) Remember you can click pics to make them bigger. ;)

In shade.

In shade

Thanks for looking. ;)

October 21, 2012

A little of Pumpkin Spice

Hey!! ;) Halloweens getting closer!!!

Ok so I know all about this whole thing with Sinful Colors, but I just haaaaaad have this polish this is Pumpkin Spice.  Its a good dupe to China Glaze Electrify which I do not have. I missed out on that one. :(

When I first saw this I grabbed it. It was the only one left. I still want Electrify, but this will do. ;) It is gold and red glitter. I love this. I think this would be good Thanksgiving and Christmas colors too, not just for Halloween. ;)

I I think it was 3 coats. I want to wear this again. :) I've gotten sooooooo many compliments on this polish. :) I plan to wear this again layered over something I have ideas with it. :) But for now I'm just gonna go lay in my bed I have a cold, I don't feel well. :( sorry for short post I will leave you with pics of this pretty. :)

I love this one!


Look how glowy it is. <3

thanks for looking. :)

October 20, 2012


Heehee!! How are you?

Good, here! :) I have here for you is one of my faaaaaaaavorite Halloween polishes I own (so far) Actually this is my second fave Halloween polish. ;) My very favorite will come soon enough. ;)

Anyway, this is China Glaze Its Alive, this is from 2011 Haunting collection. this is the one I wanted the most. :) I also wanted Haunted but I didn't get it. :(  I only wish I had sun for this *shakes fist at sun* why you no come out? :( haha.
This is 3 coats pointer and ring are with top coat. I love love love this so much. :) It is a bit gritty but It didn't bother me to much.


October 19, 2012

OOooh! Lightmare!

Hello, hello!

Today I have a new Halloween polish from Piggy Polish: Lightmare. I'm sure you probably have seen lots of post about this beauty, but now I'm gonna show it to you. ;)   I tried to get sun pics but when I did EVERY SINGLE ONE was all blurry. :/ *sighs* The sun came out for not even 5 min. It was like 2 seconds thats it. But fear not, I do have pics for you just no sun pics. I can't seem to get any sun pics lately so natural light will have to do.

I love this polish, I've never seen anything like it before. Fine grey glitter with orange regular glitter. Yes please! :) This dries matte, but not so matte that it looks so flat. (do I make any sense here? lol) I have put top coat on only the middle finger SV top coat (always). I have a matte top coat by NYC I figured I'd give it go to see what it looks like. I like it. It is on the pinkie nail.  :) The other 2 is all by its self. It is full coverage in 3 coats, 2 if your lucky. ;) It dries quick but that goes with out saying. lol Now lets go to the pics. ;)

 Well that is it. thanks for looking. ;)

October 12, 2012

Sleepwalking is for the Wicked

Hey guys! How are ya? I'm alright here. :)

I have here today is 2 different polishes from 2 different brands one is a Wet N Wild and the other is a Jordanna polish. The wet n wild polish came out in 2010. This one is called SleepWalker. Its a pretty orange glitter. This one was not gritty nor bumpy at all it dried to a satiny finish for me. Again I liked it better with top coat it brought out the orange glitter more. Middle and pinkie have topcoats.

Blurred to bring the sparkles out more.

This one is Jordanna's Wicked

This is a twin to sleepwalker. They are exactly the same. DUPES! Only difference is Jordanna does not dry matte. its shiny! But I put a top coat on anyway. it did take a little longer to dry though without the top coat. I left one go with out top coat but I kept smudging it and dinging it so I said screw it. Slather on the top coat. lol. But other than that its a great polish.

Middle finger is not tip wear broken nail broke so far back. :(

See what I mean. :(  also blurry to see sparkles.

Ok thats all the time I have left for now. I gotta get ready for work. Thanks for coming by. ;)