October 24, 2012

Its Black Magic!!!

Hey, how are you? Good I hope. :)

I know October is almost over and I have a few more polishes to show you, even though me being still sick I'm trying to get them all done. I was hoping to have some of the China Glaze wicked polishes but I haven't  gone to sally's yet. I know I know... lol I will be after this weekend, either Monday or Tuesday. :D Alrighty moving on...

So I have here is one of my other fave bottle shape polishes, tombstone. This is Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild  Black Magic. This came out in 2011, this has silver and orange glitter in a black base.

This is 2 coats. Its pretty, but its so subtle to me.  To me the glitter gets lost, specially in just a lit room it just looks like a black polish. When its in the sun you can see it better. :)  The dry time was kinda long for me. I didn't bother putting top coat on as I was going to take it right off after I got back from eating dinner.  (and it was yummy)  I'd wear this again. I love it when the sun hits it. It makes it so much more prettier, so much more worth it. besides I love black polishes. :)

Ok, Now time for pics. :) Remember you can click pics to make them bigger. ;)

In shade.

In shade

Thanks for looking. ;)

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