January 1, 2014

My Pretty Hit Polishes

Well hello there!! Long time no see. :)
Hope you all had a good, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course a good Happy New Year. ;) I want to try to get back into blogging again, I've just been tired and working lots. Well lets get on to the polishes. ;)

So where I left off I had some Hit Polishes I had for you guys to see. I'm gonna show you all I have for you. I think they are pretty awesome. I showed you one already, Its probably my second fave of the bunch.
I'm just gonna roll with it, Its gonna be pic heavy , not that it would bother you at all right? ;) haha

                  1,000 sales

 Its very pretty! Look at all the colorful glitters in it! I :D Its like fireworks on my nails. lol

                  Light Show

 I love this one too, This is clear based. I think I love it so much more over the black. <3

            Emerald Dragon

This is my very fave of all the Hit Polishes I have. My second fave is Green Kryptonite. I wish I could get full size bottles of these 2, but she is closing her shop for good this week. :(
I want to thank my dear friend Christy for these pretty polishes.<3

This is all I have for now. I do have one more Hit polish, but I somehow forgot to take pics of that one. :/ Silly me. haha

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