January 19, 2013

Black and Pink with sparkles on top.....

Hello!! Yeahhh I know, I couldn't think of a good post name... lol

I have been wanting to do this mani for sooooooooooo long, I just never got around it and I was fighting with the sun. lol This is probably one of my faves I've done in a while. :)

Anyway I have here is my go to black WnW Black Cream and Borghese Paradiso Pink with China Glaze Fairy Dust.  Just a few things first... what happen to Borghese? and second.... HOLY BALLS why haven't I used Fairy Dust yet before? I want to slather that polish on everything! lol
 I got Fairy Dust as a gift from my friend Kati, from a while back. Thanks doll! <3 and I'm just now able to wear it. lol Yaaay!

I'll get right to the pics....... please make sure you have bibs near by. ;)

I don't know why it looks orange here... but its not. lol

Well thats all for now. ;) Make sure you wipe any drool you made.  lol
thanks for looking. ;)


  1. I did something similar with blue and a silver shimmer. I LOVE LOVE this tooooo <3 look! I came equipped with my own dishtowel to wipe up the drool!!

    1. you did? I missed it! :( I'm glad you love it! <3

  2. So pretty! The color combo is great!

    1. Thank you! I love black with just about color. :)