October 12, 2012

Sleepwalking is for the Wicked

Hey guys! How are ya? I'm alright here. :)

I have here today is 2 different polishes from 2 different brands one is a Wet N Wild and the other is a Jordanna polish. The wet n wild polish came out in 2010. This one is called SleepWalker. Its a pretty orange glitter. This one was not gritty nor bumpy at all it dried to a satiny finish for me. Again I liked it better with top coat it brought out the orange glitter more. Middle and pinkie have topcoats.

Blurred to bring the sparkles out more.

This one is Jordanna's Wicked

This is a twin to sleepwalker. They are exactly the same. DUPES! Only difference is Jordanna does not dry matte. its shiny! But I put a top coat on anyway. it did take a little longer to dry though without the top coat. I left one go with out top coat but I kept smudging it and dinging it so I said screw it. Slather on the top coat. lol. But other than that its a great polish.

Middle finger is not tip wear broken nail broke so far back. :(

See what I mean. :(  also blurry to see sparkles.

Ok thats all the time I have left for now. I gotta get ready for work. Thanks for coming by. ;)

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