August 17, 2012


Well hello there! How is everyone? I'm good.

I have another Cutex polish for you today. :) This one is called Mars. Now when you think Mars you think red, or orangey like colors. Well not this one. This is light baby blue. I like this one a lot. But the name is just wrong..  lol

Anyway, this polish is so much better looking in the sun with your own eyeballs. The pics don't do it justice. Ooh the pretty sparkles in this polish. It looks like your typical color then you go out in the sun and look closely and its like whoa sparkles! Its like they are a secret or something.

Ya wanna see pics? well ok stop twisting my arm all ready... ;)


Can you see the sparkles? isn't it pretty? 

Blurry to see sparkles
I hope ya liked! Stay tuned more is coming. :) Thanks for coming by! :)