August 15, 2012


Hey, How are you all? Well I'm alright, other than being hot. I'm so ready for fall now, that is my fave time of the year.  I love the cool air, the changing colors of leaves, bonfires. S'mores anyone? ;) Anyway my point is I just want summer to GTFO! ;) haha

So I have here is another Cutex.. are you sick of these yet? No? Good cause there is more. :) So this is called Crocodile. I like this color. Its an olive green with gold in it. I would say this is frosty. There were no brush strokes. This is 3 coats, with top coat. I wish I had so sun pics, but that day was a little over cast. :( As you can see there is gold shimmer in there. :) Its really pretty when the sun hits it.

Oh there is bubbles on my nails. *sighs* Why? Thats not the polish its self, thats from me, user error. :/ I was trying to hurry to get it done while the sun was out, but the stupid sun went away anyway. :( so I give you this pretty olive green for you to stare at. ;) Sun pics or not, here it is.

Lets look at the pics.

Well thanks for coming by! Hope you enjoyed it. :) Stay tuned more is coming.


  1. These Cutex polishes are so cool! This color is fab, so totally my style!

  2. I'm glad you like them. :) I Thought you might like it. ;)

  3. Where are you finding these little gems! :D I am loving the uniqueness (is that a word? It is now :P) of that color!!! Keep em coming :D

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    1. I found these at a little store called World of Values. :) I'm glad you are loving these. :)