August 12, 2012


Hello! How is everyone? Did you watch the sky? I couldn't it is cloudy here. :( I'm very sad about this. :( Oh well, I'll live. haha

So I have here is another Cutex polish named Geranium. Now I PROMISE you this is orange. It looks more coraly red in the pics, I don't know why. :/ Its a shame cause its pretty.
Anywho, This is 2 coats, thats it! It dries fast. I do have top coat on pointer and ring nails. As you can see you don't need top coat to make it shiny. :) Its shiny all by its self. :)
It has this pretty green shimmer in there... at least I think its green.... maybe its gold... maybe a goldish green? Is that even a color? Probly not, still looks that way to me.  LOL
I really like this polish. I'm surprised how much I like this polish I plan on wearing this as a mani. and put it on my toes. Its just too pretty not too.  *swoon*

Lets look at the picks shall we. ;)

Click me to see teh shimmah

Well I hope you liked them all. Thanks for coming by and reading my post. :)


  1. Lovely, hot and bright. I like it. :)

  2. I love these colors on you! Where do you buy Cutex now?

    1. Thank you Amanda! Honestly I don't know. I found these at a store called World of Values. They were 20 for $10. :)