August 22, 2012


Hello! How are you? Alrighty here. ;)

So today I have Another Cutex polish. It is pink, and it is Wednesday. How that happen? lol  Meet Calypso. She's pretty, she has blue shimmer.  I have 3 coats on here, no top coat. There are lots of this color by other brands, and really can you not blame them? I mean its such a hot color. Right? I think its great for summer and spring. Oh hell wear it all year long if you want. Its to pretty to be ignored. Am I rite? or Am I rite? ;)

Anywhooo as I'm not feeling too well today I'm just gonna leave the pics to do the rest of the talking. Also sorry for the lack of clean up. :( 




Hope you like it! thanks for coming by. ;)

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