August 26, 2012


Hey everyone! How is it?  Good I hope!

Well today I have yet another Cutex polish here for ya! This is Santorini, Its a pretty baby blue with pink shift. Ooh how I love thee!

The pink shift is pretty subtle, but when you see it with your own eye balls. its there, but like I said its subtle. I have done some layering with this just to see how it looks. Lets have a look see. ;)

I have done ring and pinkie with Santorini all by its self. They were 3 coats. These are in shade I forgot to get sun pics. oops.

Pointer and Middle are 2 different bases
Pointer is Wet N Wild Black Cream (my fave black ever)
Middle is Mars from a previous post I did here. If you haven't seen it yet.. do check it out. ;)

Over Wet N Wild Black Cream In shade
In shade

Wet N Wild Black Cream In sun
 It seems I have forgotten to take a pic of  Santorini over Mars all by its self. :/ oops.. (i'm just full of mistakes) lol But you can see it in these pics here.

Bottle shots.... OOoh pretty pink shift!

pretty shimmer!
Pretty pink shift in shade
Pretty pink shift in partial sun

I have no idea how or where that dent came from. :/  But this is all in full sun. :)

That is all for today. I hope you liked it! Thanks for looking! :D


  1. Lovely blue! Not usually a shimmer person but I AM a pink person so I like it ;) I hate when I get mysterious dents. Hmph!

    1. I'm glad you like it! The shimmer is subtle I don't think it bother you much. ;) I however love it. :) That stupid dent needs to die! lol ;p