June 15, 2012

Latin Spirit

So I've abandoned you guys again huh? :( I'm sorry life is a little crazy at the moment. :) hopefully that will change soon.

Anyway lets talk about pretties shall we? :)

This is the other and last mini set from ULTA This one is Latin Spirit. I'm gonna show you all four colors on four nails. I just don't have time to do major swatching so I did it this way. I will tell you a bit about it and what I think of the polishes.

From left to right on my nails

I'm sorry for blinding you all with icky cuticles.. :( I haven't done much as of late.
El Amor (pink)
 This one I absolutely love!Its glittery, its pink, its pretty! :D
 What can I say about this color? I mean its just too pretty not to stare at. I'd wear this again a million  times if I could. It is sheer but it builds up, this is 3 coats. A4th coat would have done better. I wonder how this would look mattified? Hmmmmmmm.........   I'll have to remember to try it some time. :)

El Bail (purple)
 This one is very pretty. I really like this one a lot.It leans more red than blue. It has very lightly red shimmer in it, but it is there. I'd wear this again many times over layered or by its self.
 This is the sheerest of all 4 of these but it does build up. Again this is 3 coats, could have used probly a 4th coat, possibly 5 if you are patient enough do do 5 coats. But 4 should do the job.

El Mor (blue)
 Do I need to tell you that this one is my favorite one? Cause its blue? yeah I didn't think so, hahaha.
Anyway this one is sheer as well. Its about the same as the purple, but its a little more opaquer than the purple. I hope that makes sense to you guys, I hope you know what I mean. lol.
It has pretty shimmer, its also pretty light as well. but I LOVE IT!  *sighs* I wish there was a big bottle of this. I will being wearing this again, most defiantly.

El Sol (yellow)
 I do like this one. I think the color is great. This is the most opaquest of all. I did wear this one for a bit as a mani. Will I wear it again? Probly not. Why? Well I had some problems with it, a bit streaky and stained my nails all yellow. My nails looked diseased.. eeew... I did put on a thick coat on the 3rd coat, it evened it out a bit. I may wear this as like some sort of accent or something like that,but a full on mani.

Ok here is my overall  rating on this collection. I do love it. It has great colors. Pretty good application (but the yellow.. maybe it was my user error possibly, not so sure but still)They dry pretty quick.I say these are great for Spring/Summer. but I wear any color any time of the year wen I feel like it so. haha  all is 3 coats no top coat all shiny on its own. :) No base coat as I forgot to put some on... hmmm... I wonder if thats why my nails stained.. lol

Well I hope you liked it, Thanks for coming by. ;)

June 3, 2012

Sparkling Suede

I'm on a roll now huh? I know this is a day or so late, but better than never right?
Anyway... moving on. :)

This is the last one from the ULTA Matte-Rial Girl mini collection. This is Sparkling Suede. I really like this one, no I love this one. This one is a second fave from these minis. This is a charcoal color. I just love colors like these. I'd wear this again most definitely, just wish I had a bigger bottle though. ;)

My opinion of this collection is ok. I like the colors, butt his is NOT my fave collection by any means. The dry time is awesome quick. I love that. but that is usually like that with matte's anyway. haha Like the rest of these there is little difference with the top coat on, just makes it shiner. I do not know when these came out. If I had to guess I'd say some time in the last 2 years or so.

Well that's it for these mini's. I do have another set of mini's to show you. that will come soon. ;) Stay tuned. ;)  Enjoy the pics.. or at least try to. lol

Middle and pinky has top coat

June 2, 2012

Orchid Organza

Hey girls how goes it?
Today I have is a pretty pink from the Matte-Rial mini's called Orchid Organza. I actually like this one a lot more than I thought I would.I'm not very in to pinks, I'm picky about them. Same way with yellows. lol I have lots of blues greens other colors too, did I mention blues? haha 

Anyway, back on topic This is a pretty color, I'd wear it again. Like the other 2 there is little difference with top coat on, just shiner.  Middle finger and pinky has top coat. :)

That's it for now, tomorrow I'll show you the last one of this mini collection, and my over all rating. Stay tuned. ;)