June 3, 2012

Sparkling Suede

I'm on a roll now huh? I know this is a day or so late, but better than never right?
Anyway... moving on. :)

This is the last one from the ULTA Matte-Rial Girl mini collection. This is Sparkling Suede. I really like this one, no I love this one. This one is a second fave from these minis. This is a charcoal color. I just love colors like these. I'd wear this again most definitely, just wish I had a bigger bottle though. ;)

My opinion of this collection is ok. I like the colors, butt his is NOT my fave collection by any means. The dry time is awesome quick. I love that. but that is usually like that with matte's anyway. haha Like the rest of these there is little difference with the top coat on, just makes it shiner. I do not know when these came out. If I had to guess I'd say some time in the last 2 years or so.

Well that's it for these mini's. I do have another set of mini's to show you. that will come soon. ;) Stay tuned. ;)  Enjoy the pics.. or at least try to. lol

Middle and pinky has top coat


  1. Gorgeous!! Hey... did you hear about my giveaway..? haha, just kidding :)

    Really though, I love this polish

  2. Thank you!! :D Oh not you too! >.<. hahaha!
    I do too. Its one of my faves from this collection. :)