September 13, 2012

She's my Cherry Pie

Heyyyy! Your welcome for the ear worm! heehee! ;)

For those of you have never heard it... Well have a listen.

I have this lovely red polish from Barielle called Cherry Pie. I got this from the lovely Kitty over a while ago. Thanks girlie. :D

The color really does look like cherry pie filling. I love it! Its so pretty. I'm still a little scared of wearing red on my nails though. :/ I hope to change that though. If its dark vampy red I'm all for wearing it. But bright red? Takes some time for me to getting used to wearing it.

I loved the way how this applied on my nails. Like butter! I will make an attempt to wear this again, because I really do like the color. Its shiny all on its own, no top coat. :)

Pics time!

Well there you have it! I hoped you liked it! Thanks for stopping by. ;)