September 17, 2012

So Tealy Fast!

Hey! How is it going today?Awesome I hope.

So today I have for you is Sally Hansen Insta Dry  Tealy Fast. I love this. Its so pretty. I love colors like this though. In the shade it just looks like a darkened teal till you get it out in the sun. Ohh such pretty shimmer comes out and plays. Now there is some shimmer in the shade but Its MUCH more noticeable in the sun.

I'm sorry about the tip wear and my cuticles. I have worn this for 4 days before taking the pictures. I say that is not bad at all. I say you could pull this off in one coat if you wanted. I put on 2, that is it.
I love the insta dries and the brushes. The reason why i love the insta dries is when you are in a hurry like I was when I put this on is it dries quick. Love!! I know quick dry top coat, I did put some on, how could I not. lol Knowing I was going to wear this for a few days. so It was a must. lol I did not put any base coat on. Imagine what I thought my fingers were gonna be like... all green. lol But it didn't stain. I have this Awesome soap that helps with that. :D

The soap is Lava soap. Its awesome. Its for like mechanics ect. But you still can use it. It works good. you can get it your local Walmart store or dollar store. I believe Target has them too. My thing is wash your hands with warm water and that soap, then you are good to go.

 Ok enough of me blabbing. lol here are the pics....

Well there you have it! Thanks for stopping by. ;)


  1. I love the Insta Dry polishes! That color looks great on you!!!

    1. Why thank you doll! I really do love them for times like that. :)