May 29, 2012

Slate Silk

Hello! I'm alive! ;) sorry for disappearing on you. I've been busy with life. lol

Anyway back to your regular schedule. :D

I have another from the ULTA Matte- Rial collection for you.
This is a bronze/brown/tan depends on the way you see it. This one is called Slate Silk.
I like it. Its not my fave one out of the collection. I think I like this one the least on me.
I mean its pretty but...... I don't have much to say about this color. Because that's how I feel about this color... Meh..... Maybe its just me?

Middle finger and pinkie fingers have top coat. To me there is little difference with or with out top coat. I have no idea what that black speck is on my finger.....
Enjoy thanks for coming by.


  1. It's very neutral, with top coat its a tad brighter err shiner? I'm sure this is good to have for a reason, I just can't think of one right now. >_<

    1. It is shiner, but thats about it. lol I'm sure its good for something. ;)

  2. This color is nice enough... it's a shade I can see wearing when I'm feeling low-key. But let's face it, that's what... maybe twice a year for me? :D

    I'm so excited to see you have a blog!!

    1. It is a nice shade for feeling low key. but I never really want to wear low key polish I want to wear, ya know crazy polish. lol :D

      Thank you so much!! :D