May 16, 2012

Violet Velour

Hi dolls!

Today I have is a mini polish from an ULTA mini set called Matte-rial Girl which is a matte shimmer.
I have 2 different mini sets I'll be showing you. The other one is Latin Spirit.
I've had these for about 2yrs. and I'm finally getting around to wearing them.

I'm going to show you the matte set first. I'm going to show you all 4 in this set one at a time.
I will show you this by its self and with top coat, just to give you an idea how they look. :)

This one to start off is Violet Velour. Now the name says violet, but I see blue, like a denim blue color with pretty silver in it. But I do love this color.  I think I prefer this with top coat, it makes it so much more prettier imo. This one is probably my favorite in this set, so far. ;)
That's it for today, but stay tuned I have three more gorgeous colors to show you. :)

I must apologize for the cuts. :(  Just look at the pretty polish. ;D
Middle finger has top coat.

Middle finger with top coat. :)


  1. So pretty! I am a sucker for sparkly dark blue polish. :)