September 3, 2012

All Inked up

Hello all!! How's it going? :) I'm alright. Just listening to some awesome Anthrax \m/ do have a listen (this is my fave song right now)  unless of course you don't like metal. ;) You can just skip on to the pretty. :)

I have yet another Cutex polish here for you. This is Ink. Its blue, nothing to special about this one. But its blue so of course I love it! :D heehee!
I love it even more when the sun hits it. :) You'll see why. I have other blues like this one I believe, I'll have to do some comparisons and see and post them for you guys.

I failed at doing clean up on this one as well. :( I'm sorry.

Lets see the pretty blue polish shall we. ;)

I love the color of the shimmer in this! <3


 Well thats it for now. I hope you liked it! ;)

I know I'm not much for words lately but I'm just not very wordy here lately. I'm sorry.  :( At least I'm showing you pretties does that count? ;)

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