June 28, 2013

Lets Meet & Jingle

Hello!! How are you all? Good I hope!
So I have here for you is OPI Meet & Jingle. I don't do red polish in fact I have little collection of red polishes. But this one, I loove it more than I thought I would. The color reminds me of Candy Apple color.  I must warn you I forgot to put cuticle balm on as I was swatching this, I was trying to get these done before the sun went down. haha I have no top coat on this, shiny all by its self. :)

I decided to put something else on top of this. I used a bottle of Silver Leaf from my friend Christie over at http://cupcakesquirkycorner.blogspot.com/ sent me. And I was even more in love. :) Thanks Christie. :) I have top coat on these ones.
That is all I have for you now. :)

Hope you enjoyed, Thanks for coming by. ;)

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