February 14, 2013

Valintines Day mani 2

Hello! I have quick post here for you today.  I don't really celebrate Valentines day to me its just another day. But that don't mean I'm not gonna do my nails all Valentiney. lol

Anyway this is what I used Milani U Pinky Swear on my ring finger and Milani Juno on the others and the glitter is Nicole OPI Honey-Dew You Love Me. I like this mani its cute, but I wanted more from the glitter. The pink polishes are pretty they are from I believe Milani's  last spring colors. They should be in stores out there. I won these in a twitter giveaway from Milani over the summer. I know, I know, why didn't I swatch them yet? Well... life got me. haha

Anyway moving on. Juno is pretty I do like it. It has a hidden shimmer, but it does not show on the nail. :( bummer. This color pink makes me think of pink marshmallows. lol U Pinky Swear reminds me of a lighter barbie pink (to me) I do like it.

Honey-Dew You Love Me is such a pretty teal color. To me it looks teal. Anyway, I love it. I need to complain about something Those hearts did NOT want to come out. UUUGh it was a pain in the ass! lol. I don't think I'll be wearing this polish again anytime soon. lol I had to dig them out, pat them on other wise it just wasn't gonna go on the nail.

Well that is all for now. Here is the pics sorry for crappy lighting. I'm still learning to use my crappy light box. lol

L to R: Juno & U Pinky Swear in better lighting to show the difference


  1. Cute. :D

    A white light is very helpful when shooting in a lightbox. I use my OttLight and make sure that all incandescent lights are turned off to keep any hint of yellow light from wrecking my colour. Fixing the white balance on my old camera isn't really doable.
    During the day, I let natural light coming in my window mix with my OttLight and I get the prettiest light, that way. :)

    1. Yeah, I'll be looking around for one. ;) Thanks, you're a doll! :D I just like natural lighting with the sun and all. Its easier to swatch that way imo. lol

  2. All of my indoor pictures are crummy. I do like your mani. I always have a hard time with fishing for hearts/stars/moons in polishes like this.

    1. Nah! I like them! Thanks! Its a bitch fishing them out isn't it? lol