December 26, 2012

Ocean Grotto

Hello!!! Is thing still on? lol

Merry Christmas!!!!! Seems like blogger fixed itself. :D Guess I got some space left over for my pics yaaaaaaaay!

I'm sorry for leaving you all Its just been busy for me. And when its not so busy I'm just tired. lol

Anyway I haven't been a very good blogger and I know it. I'm sorry. :( I hope you all forgive me. ;) I'm going to make it up to you by showing you this awesome green from Wet n' Wild this is Ocean Grotto this is from Mermaids Cove Collection. when I found this there were only 2 this one and Waves of Enchantment and I of course got them both.

I've had these picture sitting on my computer for a while now, I don't remember how many coats this was but I'm going to say it was at least 3 coats. I love love love this so much more than I thought I would. Its soooooo glowy! <3 To me this looks goldeny green. I love it!

in shade

in sun
thats all for now. ;) Thanks for stopping by.