October 7, 2012

Blue Jitters

Hey dolls! I am so tired today. It seems like everyone is today.. lol anyway I'm continuing with my halloween polishes here. :) I didn't forget. ;)

I have here is an old Wet n Wild called Blue Jitters. This is from coloricon Nail Color 2010. I only found 2 from that collection at a flea market. I'll be showing you the other one tomorrow.   This is not blue, its purple. But whatever floats their boat. lol This dries matte. I don't mind matte, but i like my polish shiny for the most part. ;) it is a bit griddy but not to bad. I can deal with it. With top coat its almost smoooooooooth. ;)

I do like this polish. It is pretty, when the sun hits it imo anyway. lol I do not like this matte at all. I had to put top coat on. It just looked icky with out it. You can't see the pretty purple sparkles with out the top coat. but you'll see what I mean in the pics. ;) Lets look at the pics now. :)

top coats on middle and pinkie
Blurry to see sparkles

ewwww! see why I say it looks icky? lol looks like little herpes.

In shade

 That is all for now! Thanks for looking. ;)