May 2, 2012

Synergy and Jealousy

Hey look she blogged! I know, I know I suck. :( I'll try to be better.

I have here is Picture Polish Jealousy with LA Girl Glitter Addict Synergy over top. Jealousy is 2-3 coats its a beautiful green glitter. I really need to wear this one alone. Its just too pretty not to.

Synergy is a chunky gold holo with little bitty glitter in it. 2 coats here. I love, love the holo in this! It is so pretty, I mean come on LOOK AT IT! lol I love holo anything though. Whats your fave kind of polish or finish?    

Mind the cuticles please and the dry hands. :(
Can you see the holo
Thanks for looking.  Click pics to make bigger. :)


  1. So pretty I love greens, that combo reminds me of a NL polish Don't Panic! :D